Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

User login

  1. Will I be able to use my current password from current ezy2ship?
    • Yes, your passwords have been migrated and you can log in to the new portal with your existing password. 
  2. It has been a long time since I have used the ezy2ship platform to make shipments. Can I still use ezy2ship login credentials?
    • Yes, you can try to log in using your existing Username and Password. If you’re unable to log in, please contact Customer Service at 1605 (retail customers) or 6845 4545 (corporate customers).
  3. I forgot my existing password. What do I do now?
    • You can use the “Forgot Password” function in the new portal to get a new password. 
  4. Will my sub users be able to login with the current password?
    • Yes, we have migrated their passwords and can login to the new portal with their existing password.  

Data History

  1. If I create a new shipment in the current portal, how long it will take before I can see the data in the new portal?
    • Data patching will take place every Tuesday (for shipments created from Friday to Monday) and Friday (for shipments created between Tuesday to Thursday).
  2. If I create shipments in the new portal, will I be able to view them in the existing ezy2ship portal?
    • No, shipments created in the new portal will not be available on the existing portal.
  3. Will my past shipments available in the new system?
    • Yes.
              For corporate customers, Speedpost shipments from October 2015 and Mail shipments from February 2016 will be migrated.
                For retail customers, shipment details from June 2016 onwards will be migrated.
                  Please refer to the table for more details.
              • Can I reprint my past shipment labels in the new portal?
                • No. Shipping labels and invoice documents for shipments created in the current platform will not be available in the new portal. You are advised to print your shipping labels before 31 Mar 2017.
              • Will my addresses in my address book be migrated?
                • Yes. All existing addresses your address book will be migrated to the new portal.
              • Will my subusers be migrated?
                • Yes. Subusers will be migrated to the new portal. 
              • Will my bulk upload templates and customised report formats be migrated?
                • No. They will not be migrated but they can be easily recreated in the new portal as the data fields are exactly the same.
              • Will my unassigned shipments be migrated?
                • No, they will not be migrated. You are advised to delete or assign the shipments before 31 Mar 2017.
              • Records of my Speedpost shipments before October 2015 and Mail shipments before February 2016 are not available in the system. Where can I find them?
                • As our standard practice, data from more than 12 months ago will not be kept in our servers in order not to overload them. The data is instead archived. If you require any transactional information from more than 12 months ago, kindly contact us for assistance.

              Shipment creation process

              1. Can I use my existing bulk upload template?
                • We have created new bulk upload templates that have fewer fields and are more user-friendly. For Corporate customers, if you prefer to use the existing templates, they are also available as options when choosing your bulk upload template format. 
              2. What is the difference in the shipment creation process in the new portal?
                • In this new step-by-step interface, you will have a clearer overview of your shipment creation process. 
              3. Why are dimensions now mandatory? What should I do if I do not have the actual dimensions of my shipment?
                • Please enter an estimate as this will ensure smoother operational flow.
              4. Will all my services/functions be available to me in the new portal?
                • Speedpost Import Express (for corporate customers) is temporarily not available. The “Request for Supplies” function is also not available until further notice.